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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New publication: A probabilistic method to statistically classify players in basketball

We introduce a method to re-elaborate the rankings of individual stats in the ACB League. The method is based on a probabilistic approach to interpret the individual performance achieved by each basketball player at the end of the regular season. Therefore, each individual record is an estimate of the real value of the parameter, with the corresponding associated error. The size of this error influences the final elaborated ranking. Under a parametric approach, we quantify the size of a maximum admissible error. Because of the growing interest of statistics in basketball, our proposal is a valuable contribution to analyse the performance of players, which is highly related to their market value.

This is a new research that has been accepted for publication in the "Revista Internacional de Ciencias del Deporte".

Martínez, J. A. y Martínez, L. (2010). Un método probabilístico para las clasificaciones estadísticas de jugadores en baloncesto. Revista Internacional de Ciencias del Deporte, 18 (6), 13-36.

You can freely download an expanded version of this article: a working paper entlited:

Martínez, J. A. y Martínez, L. (2009). Un método para reescribir las estadísticas individuales en la Liga ACB de baloncesto. Working paper. Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena.

Please, follow this link to download the article:

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Macro-Panel of Experts

We are conducting a research about the importance of statistics in basketball. In this first stage of this research, we would be very grateful if you could participate in this survey, as a member of a panel of experts.

We created several panel of experts representing stakeholders in basketball (players, coaches, analysts, researchers, fans, bloggers, journalists...). If you are one of these stakeholders and you want to participate, please email us:

We will send you a very brief questionnaire that can be fulfilled in 8-10 minutes. Your collaboration will be very important to this research. Experts of the main basketball leagues of the world are participating in this macro-research. All this information will be treated in strict confidence and you anonymity is guaranteed.

In addition, although your anonymity is guaranteed, if you desire we will promote the webs of all partners that are collaborating with this research. Moreover, we will reference these webs in tha academic publications derived from this study. Finally, all participants in this research will be informed in detail about the results.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you require further details. Thank you very much.